Tai Pan Lounge at Dongzun Club

En suite with exquisitely designed sofas, Tai Pan Lounge is an ideal location for entertainment with family, friends and business associates.
Tai Pan Lounge is neither a cafe nor a bar, but a platform for businessmen with status and prestige to gather and converse, a serene setting for elites to exchange views and unwind. 
Being the first Spa-themed club in Taian, Tai Pan Lounge offers a wide variety of entertainment and leisure facilities. Engage in business discussions or gather with friends to savour wine and cognac against the soothing background music.

TEL:+86 538 8368888  +86 538 6377777     Fax:+86 538 8368666           Add:No. 16,Yingsheng East Road,Taian City,Shandong Province,China 271000