Mount Tai is renowned in the world for its abundant cultural treasures and magnificent sceneries. The natural landscape of Mount Tai is majestic and grand with Jade Emperor summit being the highest peak at 1,545 metres above sea level.

     Dai Temple was first built during the Qin Dynasty. Since the time of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), its design has been a replica of the imperial palace, which makes it one of the three extant structures in China with the features of an imperial palace (the other two are the Forbidden City and the Confucius Temple in Qufu). Dai Temple is dedicated to the God of Mount Tai and is the place to perform sacrificial ceremonies to the mountain. It is also a sacred place with different types of famous ancient trees, stone steles and cultural relics preserved. The lay-out of all the scenic spots from Sheshou Hill and Haoli Hill to the Jade Emperor Peak suggests the three parts of “hell”, “earth” and “paradise“. As you walk from Dai Temple towards the mountain, it feels as if you have stepped into the “paradise” from “earth”.

     In Mount Tai, there are 156 peaks, 138 cliffs and mountain ranges, 72 famous caves, 72 oddly-shaped stones, 130 streams, 64 waterfalls and pools, 72 springs, over ten thousand old trees, 58 ancient architectures, 1,239 stone tablets, 1,277 cliff-side inscriptions and over ten thousand cultural relics mainly located in the area of Daiyang, Daiding, Daiyin and Lingyan.


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